Modern Decisions

Short term decision counseling for couples

Big decisions are hard.

You’ve come to a crossroads and it’s time to make some decisions. To confidently move forward, you need clarity to take the next steps. Assisted by a licensed clinical psychologist, this short-term, specialized process of 1- 5 sessions gives you the wisdom and insight you’ve needed to break free of ambivalence.

Marriage on the Rocks

Divorce is never
an emergency decision.  

Major Family Decisions

Clarity and confidence when
no option seems clear.

Solo Decision Making

Some decisions you can
only make on your own.  

Two-Day Intensive

On-site at your location or in our North Shore Chicago office.

Articles and Resources

Substance Abuse in the Family

When there’s substance abuse in the family, your marriage slows crumbles. Making decisions requires clarity. Discernment Counseling can help.

Are you the Leaning Out partner?

If you’re the Leaning Out partner, you may have lost hope for your marriage. It’s natural to be ambivalent about a big decision.

Are you the Leaning In partner?

The Leaning In partner has hope. You can save your marriage but it requires a different kind of work. These tools can help you determine the next steps.

Are you on the brink of divorce?

Are you worried about your marriage? Has one of you mentioned divorce? See if Discernment Counseling is right for you and your relationship.

Is ADHD affecting your marriage?

It’s tough when you or your partner (or both!) have ADHD. An ADHD marriage requires a whole other set of skills. Get some resources that can help.

About Dr. Laura L. Walsh

Licensed clinical psychologist

I’m Dr. Laura L. Walsh, your licensed clinical psychologist and decision coach. I’ve been helping people make decisions and solve problems for nearly two decades.  I’ve got advanced training and experience in Discernment Counseling, The Gottman Method of couples counseling, and have specialties in addictions, ADHD, and LGBT issues.  I work especially well with C-level executives and business owners as well as their families.

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