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Frequently Asked

What is Discernment Counseling?

Discernment Counseling is for ‘mixed-agenda’ couples with divorce ambivalence.   It is a short-term, intensive process lasting 1- 5 session(s). Think of it as pre-marital decision counseling.

What are the goals for Discernment Counseling?

The goals are to create greater clarity and confidence in the decision about whether to try to restore the marriage or continue toward divorce.

What are ‘mixed-agenda’ couples?

Mixed-agenda couples are considering divorce.  Typically the leaning in person still has hope where the leaning out person does not.

Is Discernment Counseling just divorce counseling?

No.  The focus is on learning about yourself and what parts would need to change in this or another relationship.  The outcome is one of three clear paths.

What are the three paths?

Path 1 is keeping the status quo.  Path two is making the decision to divorce.  Path three is an all-out, six month commitment to couples counseling.

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