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What Exactly is Decision Counseling? Is it right for me?

The Basics

Decision counseling is topic-specific, short term intensive sessions aimed at gaining clarity and confidence to move forward.  It’s about making decisions, not changes. We outline three paths and through structured time together, I’ll help you gain new insights.  By the end, you’ll have a better idea which path is right for you and your relationship.

Is it right for me?

  • I’m ready to tackle a hard decision but I’m stuck in ambivalence.
  • I know my options but I don’t have enough information to feel confident in a clear direction.
  • I have to make a choice and there’s no good answer.
  • My partner wants to go in a direction but I’m not sure.
  • I want to talk out my options and see the choices more clearly.

What I Can Help You With

Discernment Counseling

Considering divorce?  Try this first.

Decision Counseling

Help with big decisions.

Solo Decisions

When it comes down to you.

Substance Abuse

Make the best decisions.

My Approach to Decision Making

If you’re stuck and unable to make a big decision, there’s a reason.  Most of the time, it’s a reliance on assumptions about the issue. The problem with these assumptions is that they keep leading you back to the issue.  Many times, you need more fact-based information. Combining facts with a even perspective of all sides of the issue, we’re sure to find the best direction for you.

How It Works - Couples

Both people in the relationship attend each session.  The first meeting is two hours. We’ll meet together first, then each person has a one on one with Dr. Walsh.  We’ll come together one last time to discuss how the sessions went and you’ll make a joint decision to come back (or not).  There is a maximum of 5 sessions with a guaranteed outcome of one of three paths. Subsequent meetings are one and a half hours and follow the same structure.  The number of sessions is dependent on the adequate clarity for the decision making process.

Solo Decision Making

One person attends each session and depending on the issue, your partner is encouraged to attend.  The structure is similar to Decision Counseling with couples. The first meeting meeting is a longer session and the overall process is limited to five sessions.  In the first session, we clarify the three paths and begin the work of seeing the choices you can make in this situation. The process continues until you have enough clarity to move forward.

Intensive Workshops

Scheduled over two days, the intensive workshop for couples includes many extra features to customize your experience.  On-site at our North Shore Chicago office or off-site in your home or another meeting location in the continental United States.  Includes pre-workshop online assessments, books and/or other resources, food and beverages, and other items and services. The smallest details are important in creating your experience.  A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required to hold open dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Decision counseling?

Decision counseling is topic-specific, short term intensive sessions aimed at gaining clarity and confidence to move forward.  It’s about making decisions, not changes.

What are the types of decisions this counseling can help?

Almost any big decision that you and your partner are facing can work with Decision Counseling.  Originally designed for couples on the brink of divorce, it can be applied to decisions regarding substance abuse treatment, parenting choices, infertility decisions, finances, career changes, lifestyle issues, and negotiating sexual practices.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

You can clearly define your options, even if you don’t know how to choose or what to do.

What are the goals of decision counseling?

The goals are to create greater clarity and confidence in the decision to choose one of three paths we define.

What’s the difference between Decision Counseling and regular counseling?

Decision counseling is goal oriented, intensive, short term sessions.  The focus is not on how to change but the decision to change. Regular counseling, including marital counseling is open ended and works on the process of change.


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