Wouldn’t it have been great if school offered classes on how to make decisions?

Even the most decisive person gets stuck between choices from time to time.  The most difficult times are when there are no good choices. Often these are the very times we’ve got to choose something and leap into the great unknown.

Enter Decision Counseling

Decision counseling is topic-specific, short term intensive meetings aimed at gaining clarity and confidence to move forward.  It’s about making decisions, not changes. Led by a licensed clinical psychologist, experienced with family systems, substance abuse, and decision theory, these sessions offer a specialized structure for making hard choices.


Different from traditional counseling, Decision Counseling outlines different paths and sets upon discovering new insights.  It consists of goal oriented, short-term sessions with the family stakeholders.. The focus is not on how to change but the decision to change.  Regular counseling, including marital counseling is open ended and works on the process of change. Limiting to five meetings intensifies the decision making process.  By the end, you and your family will have greater clarity and confidence for making a choice before you.

What kinds of decisions?

Families get stuck in a lot of places.  Almost any big decision can work with Decision Counseling.  Originally designed for couples on the brink of divorce, it can be applied to decisions regarding substance abuse treatment, parenting options, infertility decisions, elder care decisions, lifestyle issues, and negotiating sexual practices.  If you can clearly define options, even if you don’t know how to choose or what to do, Decision Counseling can help.

What are the first steps?

The first step is to make an appointment for your free phone consultation.  We’ll talk through your options and see if decision counseling is the right path.  From there, we’ll make the initial appointment to meet in-person. My office is on the North Shore of Chicago in downtown Wilmette.  If you’d prefer, we can meet there or the location of your choice. All we need is a private space to talk.

If you’re at the end of your rope, Decision Counseling can help.  Read more about the Leaning In and the Leaning Out partner to see if this specialized counseling is right for you and your marriage.  Contact me with questions and schedule a complimentary consultation appointment.  Relief is around the corner.

Big decisions are hard.

You’ve come to a crossroads and it’s time to make some decisions. To confidently move forward, you need clarity to take the next steps. Assisted by a licensed clinical psychologist, this short-term, specialized process of 1- 5 sessions gives you the wisdom and insight you’ve needed to break free of ambivalence.


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